List of Contests
Registration & Turnout
President and Vice President of the United States
United States Senator
Rep in Congress 4th District
98th State Representative District
99th State Representative District
Member of the State Board of Education
Member of the University of MI Board of Regents
Member of the MI State University Bd of Trustees
Member of Wayne State Univ Board of Governors
Prosecuting Attorney
County Clerk
County Treasurer
Register of Deeds
Drain Commissioner
County Commissioner District 1
County Commissioner District 2
County Commissioner District 3
County Commissioner District 4
County Commissioner District 5
County Commissioner District 6
County Commissioner District 7
Edenville Township Supervisor
Edenville Township Clerk
Edenville Township Treasurer
Edenville Township Trustee
Geneva Township Supervisor
Geneva Township Clerk
Geneva Township Treasurer
Geneva Township Trustee
Greendale Township Supervisor
Greendale Township Clerk
Greendale Township Treasurer
Greendale Township Trustee
Homer Township Supervisor
Homer Township Clerk
Homer Township Treasurer
Homer Township Trustee
Homer Township Constable
Hope Township Supervisor
Hope Township Clerk
Hope Township Treasurer
Hope Township Trustee
Hope Township Park Commission
Ingersoll Township Supervisor
Ingersoll Township Clerk
Ingersoll Township Treasurer
Ingersoll Township Trustee
Jasper Township Supervisor
Jasper Township Clerk
Jasper Township Treasurer
Jasper Township Trustee
Jerome Township Supervisor
Jerome Township Clerk
Jerome Township Treasurer
Jerome Township Trustee
Jerome Township Constable
Larkin Township Supervisor
Larkin Township Clerk
Larkin Township Treasurer
Larkin Township Trustee
Lee Township Supervisor
Lee Township Clerk
Lee Township Treasurer
Lee Township Trustee
Lincoln Township Supervisor
Lincoln Township Clerk
Lincoln Township Treasurer
Lincoln Township Trustee
Lincoln Township Constable
Midland Township Supervisor
Midland Township Clerk
Midland Township Treasurer
Midland Township Trustee
Mills Township Supervisor
Mills Township Clerk
Mills Township Treasurer
Mills Township Trustee
Mt. Haley Township Supervisor
Mt. Haley Township Clerk
Mt. Haley Township Treasurer
Mt. Haley Township Trustee
Porter Township Supervisor
Porter Township Clerk
Porter Township Treasurer
Porter Township Trustee
Warren Township Supervisor
Warren Township Clerk
Warren Township Treasurer
Warren Township Trustee
Justice of Supreme Court
Judge of Court of Appeals 4th Dist - Incumbent
Judge of Court of Appeals 4th Dist - Non Incumbent
Judge of Circuit Court 42nd Circuit
Judge of District Court 75th District
City of Coleman Mayor
City of Coleman Councilman
School Bd Member Breckenridge Comm Sch - 6 yr
School Bd Member Breckenridge Comm Sch - 4 yr
School Board Member Hemlock Public Schools
School Board Member St. Louis Public Schools
Delta College Board of Trustees Bay County
Delta College Board of Trustees Midland County
Delta College Board of Trustees Saginaw County
Village of Sanford Village Clerk
Village of Sanford Council Member
State Proposal 08-1
State Proposal 08-2
County Road Millage Renewal Proposal
County Public Transportation Services Proposal
Lincoln Township Proposal
Breckenridge Schools Proposal
St. Louis Public Schools Proposal